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Our Partners

I.T. Rangers LTD. has partnered with various industry’s leading brands for its commercial and residential service offerings.

Panduit :

For our commercial service offerings, we have partnered with Panduit, a company providing innovative network infrastructure solutions for more than 55 years. Headquartered in the United States, Panduit operates in more than 100 countries across the globe. Over the years, Panduit has built a reputation of being a trusted advisor for solving the most complex networking challenges faced by businesses.

Panduit has won several awards such as :

Over the years, Panduit has been at the forefront of developing physical infrastructure solutions to serve the ever-evolving networking needs of organizations. Panduit’s technology leadership is driven by the following factors :

As a partner of Panduit, we get access to all the world-class networking products offered by the company. Alongside, we get access to their technical expertise, and updates on the latest solutions developed by the brand. We also get preferential access to their technical support staff when resolving any complex technical queries of customers.


We have partnered with Insteon, one of the global leaders in home automation technology, for our residential services.

Insteon products are based on the world-leading INSTEON technology. When it comes to networking technology for home automation, INSTEON is considered as a gold standard in the industry. INSTEON products provide several advantages, including affordability and ease-of-programming. The dual-mesh system used in INSTEON products significantly increases the reliability of signals.

INSTEON products have a trademarked Statelink feature, which is very useful for understanding of various commands by the applications. Due to Statelink, INSTEON responders can join any scene in home automation, even without understanding specific commands.

INSTEON also provides automatic detection and correction of errors. Also, INSTEON products can be set up with relative ease, as opposed to other technologies.

Each INSTEON device has a unique ID, which reduces the security risk of anyone else controlling your home.

INSTEON technology has won several major awards.


Mircom Logo

We are also an authorized installer of Mircom products.

Mircom is an industry leader in providing a wide range of innovative solutions for security, access control, communication and voice entry. Our focus is in providing you the best when it comes to Mircom door access and intercom products. Mircom door access and intecom solutions are best suited for;

  • ◊ Multi-unit residential properties
  • ◊ Healthcare facilities
  • ◊ Offices
We install Mircom telephone access products, apartment intercoms, video intercoms and emergency call systems because we know they are reliable for the long term and almost failure free once managed and maintained.


CyberPower Logo

For Power Management Solutions we have partnered with CyberPower.

CyberPower is a well known brand for Power Management systems. Using a battery backup (UPS) for your expensive equipment should never be an after thought, it should be a forethought for preventative maintainance. Thus, we recommend and install CyberPower products in the form of;

  • ◊ UPS's (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) - To protect your electronics against blackouts, brownouts, spikes and surges.
  • ◊ PDUS (Power Distribution Units) - To distribute electric power to networking equipment, mainly to racks of computers and other networking equipment.
  • ◊ Surge protectors/surge suppressors - To protect your home electronics or office equipment. We provide these devices as solutions to absorb spikes in energy caused by storms and electrical power surges.
We install CyberPower products to keep you working consistently and continously.

Our partnership with Panduit, Insteon, Mircom and CyberPower enables us to provide world-class IT solutions to our commercial and residential customers. We can provide a total voice, networking and power management solution.

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